Best Things to do in Bohol

The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary


At The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary, you can get your chance to see the shy endangered primates. Regardless of whether you’re travelling with a group or solo travelling through Bohol, make a stop at the Tarsier wildlife sanctuary to learn more about these amazing animals, Classified as the smallest primate in the world (3-6 inches tall) and possibly one of the cutest looking animals or just creepy for some. Tarsiers are an interesting bunch, due to their solitary nature these amazing creatures do not handle stress well and too much stress for a tarsier can lead to them committing suicide by bashing their head against a tree or cage so while you’re checking them out make sure you respect their space and not to make too much noise. Whilst visiting the sanctuary you get the opportunity to catch some rare photos of tarsiers (camera flash off)  during the day as these creatures are typically nocturnal and tend to sleep most of the day. Visiting The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary is also highly recommended as the other 2 conservation areas do not house and take care of the tarsiers that well and to encourage the other 2 with more business certainly won’t bode well for the little primates! Make sure you take your camera with while you make your way to The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary, Bohol today!

Dimiao Twin Waterfalls


Nestled within the jungles of Bohol is a pair of amazing waterfalls known as the Dimao Twin Waterfalls, this spot is a brilliant place to go have a dip in the falls mineral rich turquoise waters. You could even jump off the side of the waterfall for an exhilarating plunge in the cooling waters (do this at your own risk as there aren’t any lifeguards in the area). Accessing and finding the waterfall can be quite tricky so make sure you plan ahead before leaving.

Hinagdanan Cave


On the Island of Panglao in the Bohol municipality is home to one of the most interesting caves in the Philippines, Hinagdanan Cave harbours a turquoise subterranean with impressive limestone rock formation. The colour of the lake is due to the limestone rocks that are below the surface of the lake. There are many small lagoons in the cave worth having a look at, one of the famous lagoons is told to have a large fossilised unknown dinosaur skull. You can swim in the main lake at Hinagdanan, make sure you bring your own swimwear if you’re keen on taking a dip. Getting to Hinagdanan Cave can be a little tricky by bus as there are no bus stops at the entrance, we recommend that you use a rented motorbike or “Habal-Habal Transport” which is either a motorbike rider or tricycles taxi drivers.

Hanging Bridge, Sevilla


Stop by and check out the Hanging bridge in Sevilla, no trip is ever complete in Bohol without at least crossing the hanging bridge. Located near the town of Sevilla the bridge was designed to cross the Sipatan River which is an extremely popular tourist attraction. Originally the bridge was made using bamboo slats and rope, but today the locals looking after it have reinforced it with steel cables to make safer for your enjoyment! To cross the bridge you’d need to pay 10 pesos to cross the bridge, all funds collected from tourists crossing the bridge is used solely for the maintenance of the bridge for locals and tourist alike. The hanging bridge gives you a fantastic opportunity to catch pictures and enjoy one of the most famous attractions in Bohol, so don’t miss your chance and put the Hanging bridge in Sevilla on your things to do list today!

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate hills.jpg
Source: tps://

Deep in the Sierra Bullones region of Bohol is home to an impressive geological feature, 1,269 grassy mounds all ranging from about 100-400ft in height are scattered throughout this entire area! The mounds form what is known as the Chocolate Hills, these natural formations are so bizarre that there are multiple explanations on how it was formed, some geologist hypothesized that it was formed through oceanic volcano activity while others believe its due to weathering of the limestone formation in the area. The Chocolate Hills also gave way to absurd legends told over time by the locals of the area, which told a tale about a giant buffalo who came and caused major destruction to the crops the locals had planted, in retaliation the locals left out some spoiled crops which caused the buffalo to fall ill and defecate everywhere, the faecal matter eventually formed into Chocolate hills that you can see today, this vivid tale is by far the most humorous and outlandish tale for the formation of the Chocolate Hills. If you’re looking for scenery that will truly blow your mind make a stop to the Chocolate Hills during your visit to Bohol today!

The Bilar Man-Made Forest


The Bilar Man-Made Forest covers a 2km stretch between the townships of Loboc and Bilar. The idea of the Forestation project was put into action by the government in Bohol in the year 1947 which got the community to plant thousands of red and white mahogany trees to put an end to the deforestation process that was wreaking havoc to the natural “watershed” in the region during that time. as the years passed the little mahogany trees grew and covered the area with its natural canopy! while the manmade forest is merely a quick stop for you to capture photos take in the natural surrounding in the area, it does, however, provide you with a nice cooling environment that is provided by the mighty trees!

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